Full-Stack Web developer having designed and developed Web sites and worked as a business analyst, project manager, and other roles, throughout the full software development lifecycle. I started building Web sites in 1996, three years after the Web was invented, and have had a passion for building Web applications ever since. My primary Web programming experience consists of a minimum of 7-9 accumulative years (C# [2-3], VB.NET [4], VBScript/ASP [1-2]). As a full-stack developer, I have created many Web applications independently from designing the front end, including, all user interface forms, logos, banners and other design elements, using such programs as Photoshop; to coding middle-tier business logic in both C# and VB.NET; to creating the database tables and stored procedures. I follow Microsoft's recommended "best practices" to ensure clean and easily understood code and an encapsulated design for easy future enhancements and minimal maintenance.